Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

I'd never heard of Sorrento when we first read our itinerary for Italy and this was the last few days of the trip and I was ready to get to Rome by this point. But this turned out to be my favorite everything for the whole trip. Best hotel, best food, best views, best everything.

We actually stayed in Sorrento, but took a bus tour through the loveliest little towns all the way to Amalfi where we got to do some roaming around.

This is Amalfi. It was really stunning.

This is pictures taken from the bus on the way to Amalfi.

A little fruit and veggie stand in Sorrento with grapes the size quarters.

This is the beach at Amalfi. I'm used to white sand and gorgeous waters on the Gulf Coast, but though the sand wasnt up to par the water was nice and clear, and really cold, and you really cannot beat that view in the background.

Um, do lemons really get this big. Yes. These are about the size of a softball and we saw some that were even bigger than that.

What do they do with them? Limonecello. MMmmm. No, truthfully, seriously strong. You get a little shot of it and it tastes good, but its so strong its hard to drink. After just a couple of sips I had a bad case of the giggles.

When we first arrived in Sorrento, we took off for a walk to see the Mediterranean Sea. We ended up here at the nicest little restaurant (I think it was called Terrazza or something like that) and a view to die for while we watched the sun set. The ravioli was good too!


  1. interesting part of the world. we were in Sorrento a some years ago and who did we see walking down the street with his backback?......our son! we were glad to catch up with him for a few days, and he was glad of a hotel room with a hot shower.
    great pics...

  2. :). Did you not know he was going to be there?