Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Rome was the very last part of our trip, and the best was definately saved for last.

This is the Colosseum and there are not words for seeing this. I've been looking at it in books and movies, and pictures and FINALLY I'm standing in front of it wondering how something really be that old and still be standing. Wow! Seeing this made the entire trip.

This is the Sistine Chapel, and yes, I did have to sneak the picture in. With the exception of seeing the David, this came in a very close second best for art.

Swiss Guard in Vatican City.


I didnt get pictures of a small museum we toured called the Borghese Gallery, but it was by far my favorite museum of the entire trip, not for the paintings (though they were great), but for the sculptures. It's definately a must see and we just barely made it in as it was close to closing.

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