Monday, June 27, 2011


I dont know why we werent expecting much from Pisa, but it was actually really nice. We visited on our third day of Italy and it was so very clean and that leaning tower is just something that just wows you.

It's awesome getting to see something that you've heard about since you were in elementary school. I remember seeing it in my history books and asking myself why it was leaning.

This picture is me looking up the wall that encloses the city (not a street). I'm thinking I can scale it. :)

Gelato everyday. Mmmm. No, really, we ate it every day for 10 days. Limone (lemon) and Cocca (coconut) were my favorites.

This picture was taken from the Baptistry that was just across the way.

We learned that when they built the tower, they knew almost as soon as they started that it was going to be leaning. I can't keep asking myself "then why did they continue?" but they did. And it's not just leaning a little, it looks like it could topple at anytime. I'm still not sure how its standing.

this is the Baptistry. All the churches were kinda similar in Italy. They all had a church, a baptistry, and a bell tower.

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