Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break in Cades Cove

We spent three days of spring break in Cade's Cove near Gatlinburg for a cheap relaxing getaway with the kids. We went camping, primitive style with tents. The highs were 70 and the lows were 40, so not too bad.

Turkeys are not nice or friendly birds. They did not like us.

from the grassy knoll.

These were everywhere.

Cade's Cove has many tiny churches and graveyards that date back to the 1700's.

The deer were abundant, and they didnt have much fear of humans though none would eat from my hand. This guy had already lost one of his antlers.

There are lots of these little cabins that sit on picturesque land with large yards that had to be for crops and a view of the Smoky Mountains from every turn.

I ended up with over 50 pictures of deer. Why I felt the need to take so many I do not know.

Robins were everywhere, sitting on the ground, scattered around other robin. I'd never seen one before, but they let us get pretty close to them.

The campgrounds had all these rules for bear proofing your campsite and when you entered Cade's Cove there was a big sign that said YOU ARE ENTERING BEAR COUNTRY. Needless to say, we were excited about seeing bear. Everytime we made the loop we looked for bear, we went on excursions looking for bear. We found paw prints and other evidence, but no bear. that was a BIG let down.
Also spotted, but no picture of:
raccoons (heard them, did not see them)

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