Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We got a glimpse of two hawks while we waited for the bus to school. By the time I got the camera one had flown off, but I'm seeing them everyday now. One day I never see hawks and now its an everyday occurence.

I love hawks now. They are such pretty birds. I like their speckled bellies and the shape of their heads, very pretty birds.

I think the pair of them might be getting used to me watching them because they no longer fly away at my getting closer, in fact they pay me no attention at all. I do not exist. :)
My Papa had a story when my father was younger of how he found a hawk that was wounded and he nursed it back to health. He liked the bird so much that he built this huge chicken wire enclosure for it to live in outside (he was always building stuff like that). Anyway, when the bird was better he released back into the wild, but the bird wouldnt leave. Must of got used to Papa feeding, anyway my uncle told me it would sit on his arm and he would pet it. And his arm would be all scratched up because of the hawks talons.
I like that story.

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