Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eeeek! I'm dyeing fabric

You may have noticied if you've visited my shop. I am a big fan of all natural cotton muslin. I like that it's natural, no yucky extras added or toxins or anything, completely from the earth. I like how it feels, I like how it quilts, and I like how it looks when I rag it in my quilts.

However it only comes in an oatmeal color (which I love), but sometimes you just want color. So.....

I've been thinking about dyeing my own fabrics ever since I saw pretty shirts being dyed teal in a wash tub. The picture was inspiring and I just had to try it.

Finally, I did.

You cant really tell from the picture I took, but this shade of lavender was to DIE for. and it went perfectly with the quilt I backed it with. You can see the quilt here. It came out even softer than it went in as and ended up being very mottled which I like.

I did the green first. It was supposed to be a Kelly Green, but I should have played with the dial on my washing machine first because instead of doing the agitate I was doing the spin cycle. I know, I'm a dummy. So some of the color ended up down the drain and instead of a darker green I got a lime. It was a pretty lime though and actually went with the quilt nicely. You can see that below.

Definately, will be dyeing anything that goes on the back of my rag quilts from here on out.

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