Monday, February 21, 2011

Another day in the woods.

Last time I was here, back in the fall or here, this was passable. Theres a little dirt path that we just drove right over, but the beavers have been living high on the horse and dammed up the water till we cant drive over it at all.

I always think of beaver dams with lots of sticks and wood, but this one was made with swamp grass and dirt. In my mind, beavers might be the most clever of all the little critters. I like them.

We had to tear down the dam to be over to drive over it. Not as easy as I imagined. they had that debris packed down in there hard.

Finally across, and after wandering around, we found a tree that we had never seen before and the W seems to know what every tree is, but this one even stumped him.

a birch tree. Never seen one before, and didnt think they grew around here. See my birch treasury here.

faerie hole. Everytime I point these out I get laughed at.

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