Monday, January 31, 2011

A spell of Warm Weather

The weather was nice and warm this weekend, so we decided to spend some time outside and enjoy, knowing it wouldnt last.

Mr. Mockingbird, who is never friendly and always cranky, hangs out in this little tree at the corner of our porch. He's always tweeting at something or someone, if we walk by, he flys away or jumps in the higher branches. I've been trying to capture his picture for months.

Finally, I was watching the kids further out in the yard while standing on the porch when I noticed him. He made some unwelcoming sound to me and I ran inside to get my camera. Closer and closer I approached until I was about five feet away and this time he did not fly away. I snapped several pictures of him as he carefully watched me while trying to look disinterested. I still dont think he likes me.

I painted an old brass frame a dark brown color. I've been trying to get to this project for awhile.

while, Grumpy splatter painted, which of course had to be framed.

I decided to tackle one of my goals for the shop this year with these little owl plushies. There's a few changes I think I might make to them, but I'm pretty happy with them. See more details here.

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