Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a mistake that turned out alright..

I ordered some batting in bulk from a company I dont normally use, but found that I could get it cheaper there so thought, why not.
I ended up getting the wrong thing shipped to me and was charged more than double, I knew something was wrong.
But then, I touched the batting they sent me and fell in love.
100% all natural cotton that is long staple, virgin cotton, needle punched with fine needles and about as 'green' as it can get. Totally from the Earth.
It feels incredible in the quilts I've been making with it. It's like flannel, but thick.
I will not only be keeping this stuff, but from now on I wont be using anything else in my products. It's here to stay.

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  1. Hi, I stumbled on your blog by accident while lokinig ofr bulk batting that doesn't cost the earth. Can you tell me where you got this from