Monday, January 10, 2011

Made the Front Page on Etsy today!

View item page here.


  1. yay, thats super exciting! beautiful quilt.

  2. thats great,but do you think it has lead to a sale. I know you get tons of views with a FP

  3. I ended up with over 1800 view, 58 shop hearts, 89 item hearts, and 3 sales for the day.

    I'm not sure if the sales had anything to do with it, but the views were definately because of it. I usually have about 300 views a day, so that's a major increase.

    I was featured one other time and noticed a big increase in sales not on the particular day I was featured, but for the next month or so. Not sure it was because of the feature, but that's what I chalked it up to.