Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Coming!

Here in Alabama we scare of snow easily. They've already closed the schools because of snow for tomorrow. I've heard that we are getting 2-4 inches and then I've heard even 10 inches of snow. Rarely do they seem to be correct, but this time I guess they were.

These top 2 were taken about 8 pm, and it's about 2 inches of snow so far.

This one was taken at 9 pm, and it's already about 4 inches of snow. Ooooo! The kids are so excited. We've got a big stock of wood piled up and ready for the fireplace, and about 3 jugs of water in the fridge. I told them if we lose power we'll have to cook over the fireplace. That made their eyes bulge a little. :)
We'll see what we wake up to in the morning.

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