Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Hunger Games

I dont read these kind of books, so why I have suddenly taken an interest in sci-fi, I cant explain. The Hunger Games is the best book I've read in a very long time. I could not put it down. I just kept reading....and reading...and reading and I finished it in a day. There was no choice for me. IT WAS THAT GOOD!
It's one of those future worlds where America has fallen, the sea has risen, the dark ages have come again, and the government controls everything. It reminds me of all those 80's movies that my dad forced me to watch with him, that I didnt like. But different because the book is something I want to read.
Every year two people are chosen from each district (there are 12) to compete in the Hunger Games. A fight to the death for the entertainment of the people who live in the capitol. All very Roman gladiator like. Katniss, our heroine, takes the place of her twelve year old sister who was actually chosen along with Peeta, a boy who has secretly been in love with her since she was five.
Their mentor for the Games decides the best way to get sponsers for the Games is to play up to the whole romance thing. Only Katniss is playing though (supposedly), Peeta's feelings are real.
Only one winner can come out of the Games (so many things happen during this time, that I havent the time to go into all the details), in other words, eventually either Katniss will have to kill Peeta or vice versa.
There's 24 contestants in the Games, people keep dying off. Katniss is a natural survivalist, but she has a heart and hates the capitol for treating people like this and making them kill each other for amusement.
There's also this love triangle building up because back home in District 12 is Gale, a man who she considers her hunting partner and friend. She says that there is nothing romantic there, but obviously there is more than meets the eye. It reminds me of that movie Troy, where you dont know who to root for because on one hand you have Achilles and you want him to become a legendary hero and then there is Hector who is only trying to keep Troy standing and protect his wife and kid. This is similar because Gale has always been there and they both have strong feelings for each other, he's taught her much useful knowledge, and Katniss just doesnt want to get married and bring a kid into this mess of a world. On the other hand is Peeta, who you can't help but like.
I dont know who I want to win Katniss's heart, but the whole romance thing is not center stage, coming out alive from the Hunger Games is.
So comes down to Peeta and Katniss, of course. He throws away his weapons and tells her to go ahead and kill him because he has no life without her. Of course, she cannot. So she decides to eat some poisonous berries. He takes a few, she takes a few and before they can swallow the Games head honcho comes in and declares them both winners.
This slap in the face to the capitol (as it's seen by some) creates a stir around the districts. Katniss just stood up to the capitol and if one person can stand up and say I WILL NOT PLAY YOUR WAY what can everyone do together? So now the government is saying you better act like you did that out of love ONLY, to which she plays along, and only when Katniss and Peeta are on the train back to District 12, declared victors, does Peeta learn that it was all only an act. END OF BOOK ONE.

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