Monday, January 3, 2011

Catching Fire

So this is the second book of The Hunger Games. And yes, I read them back to back on my Iphone. I could not help it. I am THAT into it.
Catching Fire picks up where The Hunger Games left off, only a few months down the road. Katniss had not straigtened anything out with her two men, Gale and Peeta, everything is just as confusing as ever for her.
The time comes for her and Peeta to go on a victor's tour around to all the other districts. They are not looking forward to this and also not looking forward to pretending to be in love again. Before the tour gets started, President Snow, comes to see Katniss at her new house and threatens her that if she is not convincing to the people of Panem certain people are going to Gale. So of course, Katniss decides to be convincing, which doesnt do much for her relationship with Gale.
They come to District 11. There were two contestants in the last book that were killed in the Hunger Games that helped Katniss and Peeta offers a month of their winners to the victims families, all very generous and this really moves Katniss and the people of District 11, but really upsets the government. Plus, the people of the District 11 do a whistle salute thing and it really gets the ball rolling on the whole uprising thing. People die.....Peeta and Katniss are upset, so they try even harder to be convincing by Peeta asking Katniss to marry him. She agrees.
Somehow, nothing they do can stop what's coming. And what's coming is war. A rebellion starts forming in District 8, then there's trouble is another district, and so on and so on. Unrest has been brewing in the people's hearts for years as they have been starved, picked off and kept down by the hand of the government and Katniss has unwillingly become the face of the rebellion even though she doesnt want to be.
They get back home to District 12, she wants to run away and tells Gale. He is very happy and proclaims his love for her only to find out that she cant leave Peeta behind, she wants him to come too. Then she tells Gale everything and he decides he wants to stay and fight, cause their own uprising.
Gale gets caught hunting and get publically beaten for it, Katniss steps in and intervenes and realizes that Gale is who she wants. She loves him, he's always been hers.
Then of course, President Snow has come up with a new plan of action to squash the hopes of the Districts. He decides that during the next Hunger Games, victors of past will compete again. Of course that means that Katniss and Peeta are going back in.
During this year's Hunger Games it becomes very clear that something has changed. Prominent people are acting out. And the contestants in the Hunger Games are not there to win them, they are there to protect them. Unfortunately, not all of them, so there is some more killing and trying not to be killed.
Plans are devised without Katniss' knowledge and then she devises her own. She doesnt know who she can trust and who she cant. In the end she tries to burst the bubble that the Games is held in, which will electrocute all of them supposedly (that part got a little confusing) and kill them all BUT at least it's a death she chose and not a death that the government chose for her.
She gets rescued by prominent people who have staged their own uprising, more of a revolution. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Peeta who is captured by the government.
They are headed in a hovercraft for District 13, that was supposedly wiped out because of their rebellious nature, only there were survivors and now is the time they are going to fight back.
The book comes to an end with Gale telling Katniss all that happened after she bursts the bubble including Peeta getting captured, him rescuing her family and the fact that District 12 is no more.
I have to get to work. I have to stop reading. Yes, my fingers are itching to press the one click button and download the final book. But. I. Must. Work. Grr.

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