Monday, January 31, 2011

A spell of Warm Weather

The weather was nice and warm this weekend, so we decided to spend some time outside and enjoy, knowing it wouldnt last.

Mr. Mockingbird, who is never friendly and always cranky, hangs out in this little tree at the corner of our porch. He's always tweeting at something or someone, if we walk by, he flys away or jumps in the higher branches. I've been trying to capture his picture for months.

Finally, I was watching the kids further out in the yard while standing on the porch when I noticed him. He made some unwelcoming sound to me and I ran inside to get my camera. Closer and closer I approached until I was about five feet away and this time he did not fly away. I snapped several pictures of him as he carefully watched me while trying to look disinterested. I still dont think he likes me.

I painted an old brass frame a dark brown color. I've been trying to get to this project for awhile.

while, Grumpy splatter painted, which of course had to be framed.

I decided to tackle one of my goals for the shop this year with these little owl plushies. There's a few changes I think I might make to them, but I'm pretty happy with them. See more details here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a mistake that turned out alright..

I ordered some batting in bulk from a company I dont normally use, but found that I could get it cheaper there so thought, why not.
I ended up getting the wrong thing shipped to me and was charged more than double, I knew something was wrong.
But then, I touched the batting they sent me and fell in love.
100% all natural cotton that is long staple, virgin cotton, needle punched with fine needles and about as 'green' as it can get. Totally from the Earth.
It feels incredible in the quilts I've been making with it. It's like flannel, but thick.
I will not only be keeping this stuff, but from now on I wont be using anything else in my products. It's here to stay.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hawk spotting

I spotted this hawk and ran inside to get my camera, and then into the woods I went. Everytime I took two steps forward he flew off, spotting me with his better than me vision. I ended up taking the picture from about 150 yards and zoomed in as far as my camera would go.

I was not happy. Picture me squatting in the woods with a big frownie face.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Purse sale!

We are having a sale!
Yep, yep.
All purses, totes, and bags take 10% off with coupon code 'bagsale' through Sunday only.
Enter store here.
I've put up lots of new totes for little girls this week. Go and take a look!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

School was cancelled yet again, and it's already been closed for tomorrow too. The mailman hasnt ran since Saturday, and my packages are really starting to pile up. Sorry for the delay, but what am I going to do. The town has shut down.

The view from the front door.

A trail in the woods.

Discovering deer tracks.

Using our beach skimmers as a sleigh.

Clean, pristine snow.

A berry eyed snowman, who we forgot to put arms and a mouth on.

Finally getting out when the roads were cleared.

In other news..........WAR DAMN EAGLE!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Coming!

Here in Alabama we scare of snow easily. They've already closed the schools because of snow for tomorrow. I've heard that we are getting 2-4 inches and then I've heard even 10 inches of snow. Rarely do they seem to be correct, but this time I guess they were.

These top 2 were taken about 8 pm, and it's about 2 inches of snow so far.

This one was taken at 9 pm, and it's already about 4 inches of snow. Ooooo! The kids are so excited. We've got a big stock of wood piled up and ready for the fireplace, and about 3 jugs of water in the fridge. I told them if we lose power we'll have to cook over the fireplace. That made their eyes bulge a little. :)
We'll see what we wake up to in the morning.

Shop Goals for 2011

I know, I know, I am a week late, but it's better than not having any goals.

Goal #1
A more nature inspired looking shop

image courtesy of Bijou Kaleidoscope

Goal #2
start making some applique quilts

Kinda like this one from Momo, but using my own appliques and patterns.

Goal #3

Plush owls to sit atop a bed

Goal #4

a kindergarten mat for naptime with a pillow

Goal #5

try my hand at some felted acorns

Goal #6

Pillows. I dont ever make near enough

Goal #7

find something to do with all these scrapsI'm thinking clutches with pretty raggy flowers adorning it.

Goal #8

find something to do with all these too small minky dot pieces

I'm thinking the only thing I can do with them is either cut them up and put them in quilt (which I dont like), making pillows with them, or putting them on the backs of baby bibs or burp cloths.

That's all I got for now.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 20+10 to me!

I bought this gorgeous black pearl necklace and earring set from Manda Panda Creations.
Manda was absolutely wonderful to work with. She made the jewelry based on my descriptions and I think she did a fabulous job (even though, I'm sure I was a hassle to work with).
So, thank you Manda for being so kind and patient and digging up all the little facts about where and how the pearls were made.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Minky Quilt

After much, too much time, I managed to get this quilt made. I bought bulks and bulks of these fabrics to have this quilt always available.
Finally complete, you can see it here for yourself.
And as always, my love for owls knows no bounds. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Catching Fire

So this is the second book of The Hunger Games. And yes, I read them back to back on my Iphone. I could not help it. I am THAT into it.
Catching Fire picks up where The Hunger Games left off, only a few months down the road. Katniss had not straigtened anything out with her two men, Gale and Peeta, everything is just as confusing as ever for her.
The time comes for her and Peeta to go on a victor's tour around to all the other districts. They are not looking forward to this and also not looking forward to pretending to be in love again. Before the tour gets started, President Snow, comes to see Katniss at her new house and threatens her that if she is not convincing to the people of Panem certain people are going to Gale. So of course, Katniss decides to be convincing, which doesnt do much for her relationship with Gale.
They come to District 11. There were two contestants in the last book that were killed in the Hunger Games that helped Katniss and Peeta offers a month of their winners to the victims families, all very generous and this really moves Katniss and the people of District 11, but really upsets the government. Plus, the people of the District 11 do a whistle salute thing and it really gets the ball rolling on the whole uprising thing. People die.....Peeta and Katniss are upset, so they try even harder to be convincing by Peeta asking Katniss to marry him. She agrees.
Somehow, nothing they do can stop what's coming. And what's coming is war. A rebellion starts forming in District 8, then there's trouble is another district, and so on and so on. Unrest has been brewing in the people's hearts for years as they have been starved, picked off and kept down by the hand of the government and Katniss has unwillingly become the face of the rebellion even though she doesnt want to be.
They get back home to District 12, she wants to run away and tells Gale. He is very happy and proclaims his love for her only to find out that she cant leave Peeta behind, she wants him to come too. Then she tells Gale everything and he decides he wants to stay and fight, cause their own uprising.
Gale gets caught hunting and get publically beaten for it, Katniss steps in and intervenes and realizes that Gale is who she wants. She loves him, he's always been hers.
Then of course, President Snow has come up with a new plan of action to squash the hopes of the Districts. He decides that during the next Hunger Games, victors of past will compete again. Of course that means that Katniss and Peeta are going back in.
During this year's Hunger Games it becomes very clear that something has changed. Prominent people are acting out. And the contestants in the Hunger Games are not there to win them, they are there to protect them. Unfortunately, not all of them, so there is some more killing and trying not to be killed.
Plans are devised without Katniss' knowledge and then she devises her own. She doesnt know who she can trust and who she cant. In the end she tries to burst the bubble that the Games is held in, which will electrocute all of them supposedly (that part got a little confusing) and kill them all BUT at least it's a death she chose and not a death that the government chose for her.
She gets rescued by prominent people who have staged their own uprising, more of a revolution. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Peeta who is captured by the government.
They are headed in a hovercraft for District 13, that was supposedly wiped out because of their rebellious nature, only there were survivors and now is the time they are going to fight back.
The book comes to an end with Gale telling Katniss all that happened after she bursts the bubble including Peeta getting captured, him rescuing her family and the fact that District 12 is no more.
I have to get to work. I have to stop reading. Yes, my fingers are itching to press the one click button and download the final book. But. I. Must. Work. Grr.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Hunger Games

I dont read these kind of books, so why I have suddenly taken an interest in sci-fi, I cant explain. The Hunger Games is the best book I've read in a very long time. I could not put it down. I just kept reading....and reading...and reading and I finished it in a day. There was no choice for me. IT WAS THAT GOOD!
It's one of those future worlds where America has fallen, the sea has risen, the dark ages have come again, and the government controls everything. It reminds me of all those 80's movies that my dad forced me to watch with him, that I didnt like. But different because the book is something I want to read.
Every year two people are chosen from each district (there are 12) to compete in the Hunger Games. A fight to the death for the entertainment of the people who live in the capitol. All very Roman gladiator like. Katniss, our heroine, takes the place of her twelve year old sister who was actually chosen along with Peeta, a boy who has secretly been in love with her since she was five.
Their mentor for the Games decides the best way to get sponsers for the Games is to play up to the whole romance thing. Only Katniss is playing though (supposedly), Peeta's feelings are real.
Only one winner can come out of the Games (so many things happen during this time, that I havent the time to go into all the details), in other words, eventually either Katniss will have to kill Peeta or vice versa.
There's 24 contestants in the Games, people keep dying off. Katniss is a natural survivalist, but she has a heart and hates the capitol for treating people like this and making them kill each other for amusement.
There's also this love triangle building up because back home in District 12 is Gale, a man who she considers her hunting partner and friend. She says that there is nothing romantic there, but obviously there is more than meets the eye. It reminds me of that movie Troy, where you dont know who to root for because on one hand you have Achilles and you want him to become a legendary hero and then there is Hector who is only trying to keep Troy standing and protect his wife and kid. This is similar because Gale has always been there and they both have strong feelings for each other, he's taught her much useful knowledge, and Katniss just doesnt want to get married and bring a kid into this mess of a world. On the other hand is Peeta, who you can't help but like.
I dont know who I want to win Katniss's heart, but the whole romance thing is not center stage, coming out alive from the Hunger Games is.
So comes down to Peeta and Katniss, of course. He throws away his weapons and tells her to go ahead and kill him because he has no life without her. Of course, she cannot. So she decides to eat some poisonous berries. He takes a few, she takes a few and before they can swallow the Games head honcho comes in and declares them both winners.
This slap in the face to the capitol (as it's seen by some) creates a stir around the districts. Katniss just stood up to the capitol and if one person can stand up and say I WILL NOT PLAY YOUR WAY what can everyone do together? So now the government is saying you better act like you did that out of love ONLY, to which she plays along, and only when Katniss and Peeta are on the train back to District 12, declared victors, does Peeta learn that it was all only an act. END OF BOOK ONE.