Sunday, December 19, 2010

I am number four

So....I finished reading this book last night. I'm trying to remember a sci-fi book that I've read to compare it to, but nothing comes to mind. I'm thinking that it might be my very first sci-fi.

I did like the book, well, I like the story. It's all very, very, 'I must read this', or that's how I felt when I heard about it and then read the inside cover, but I do have some issues with it.

It's about this fifteen year old boy who has been on earth for about a decade after his planet, Lorien, was destroyed by the Mogadoriens, an evil and mean race that have already depleted their own planet. Only nine children and their keepers or guardians who are called Cepans escape and settle on Earth. They have a charm on them that they can only be killed by the Mogadoriens in a particular order. They also can't stay together or the charm is null, so they have separated and living all over our world, each with their own guardian.

It's never explained why the Mogadoriens are after nine children. They are here learning about our planet for the eventual takeover of Earth, but why are they still after the Loriens is beyond me. So you took over a planet and sucked it dry and a few survivors managed to escape, why chase them down? but that's what is happening.

John, aka Four, moves almost every six months or so to stay hidden from the Mogadoriens, then he ends up in Paradise and for the first time in his life makes a friend and has a girlfriend, he also makes an enemy with the local bully. Lots of stuff go down and he starts getting his powers that every Garde Lorien eventually get. He can't seem to keep these powers hidden and then more stuff go down, yada-yada-yada.

Finally, the Mogadoriens have him surrounded at the high school and girlfriend, Sarah, is with him there. He almost dies at least four times, and death is imminent, and then he finds away out of it or somebody saves him. Henri dies, his dog was actually an animal from Lorien and a shape shifter, and he runs away, says goodbye to his girlfriend and the bully and leaves with Number Six and his best friend Sam. End of book.

I LOVE reading books that are apart of a series or even very very long books that I can drown in, but these....books....must.....have.....proper.....endings.....or I become an angry version of myself. COME ON! give me an ending! Dont stop in the middle of a story because another book is coming. Each book should have it's own plot and ending. Yes, there can be a greater plot to which to tie all the books together, but give me my ending per book. I'm going to buy the other books anyway so why torture me this way?

My Questions:
Four runs away with Six and his best friend Sam. Sam is fifteen years old. How can he run away with them?

Four saves Mark's (the bully) dogs from a fire and then Mark comes to his house before the Mogadoriens show up. After Four goes to the school to find Sarah, Henri shows up with Mark in tow. Why would you bring Mark to the school where there is danger? Yes, he realized that they were aliens or something, but still, you know the bad guys are there.

If Henri knew that one of Four's legacies was the animal thing, why not tell him about it. What was the point of this secret?

Why do we never find out about the other rocketship that took off the day Lorien was destroyed? ....I'm sure this will come later, but still.

Why are the Mogadoriens after them to begin with? They have no planet anymore, so what's the point. I've asked this already.

What is the deal with that charm? It seems it has as many pros as it does cons, whose side was this guy on?

Why was those magazine people sending Sam magazines? How coincidental and just strange. Hopefully, this will be explained.

I like it, I dont like, and I'm ready to read the next one. So just call me hooked.

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