Saturday, November 6, 2010

Seen this?

Lots of Christmas craft goodies packed in here. Here is the link to see for yourself. I have several that I want to try. I LOVE CHRISTMAS DECORATING! especially when I can make my own stuff. Go see. go see.

I'm thinking of trying this wreath. It's basically a styrofoam circle wrapped up in scrap fabrics and stuff. The twig, of course, is why I love it. Bring in the woods.

I like this one, and was actually already thinking of doing something a wee bit similar this year. It's a scrappy patchwork tree on a canvas frame. I like the tree on canvas, but I think I will just do triangle trees. Also, I thought I might want to put some in those embroidery circles.

This one is my favorite. However, I do HATE making yo-yos. Its just a bunch of different size yo-yos on a dowel. Not digging the thread on the bottom, but.......not sure what to replace it with. Hmmm....there's a puzzle.
Hopefully, I will have time for these goodies for my home this year. If so, I will share.

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