Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am aware that I may be a bit obsessed with owls, but oh well.

These are my latest design for bags for little girls. I'm calling them 'Itty Bitty Bags'. They strap over the shoulder and then across the chest. All hands free and sit about on the hip.

I am loving them. These all feature an owlet on the front. They are all one of a kind bags, some may be similar, but none are exactly the same. I made them all from leftover fabrics as a way of destashing, so I wont be doing any custom order for them.

If you like enough to buy, you can find them here and here.

I think they would make excellent Christmas gifts and I play on giving one to my niece.


  1. Question: Can one ever be a bit too obsessed with owls and owl things?

    Answer: NOPE. (Not from my point of view anyway - hehe).

    Love the bags, they are fabulous!!

    Linda. x

  2. Thanks Linda.

    Try telling that to my kids. They shake their heads and roll their eyes when I bring home or make my latest owl thingy.