Monday, October 4, 2010

Norcross, GA Art Festival

I have been so busy preparing for the art festival in Norcross, GA, that I've been slacking on my blog (sorry).

It's over and done with now, and I can slow down a bit. I did enjoy the crowd and the town was very nice. We ate at a place downtown called 'Little Italy'. I had penne pasta and it was yummy.

I did a few new stuff to my booth this time.

This was a new addition. The little rag tote bags were so popular at my last show. So, I made much much more and the W built me this handy little display for them. I put it right out front so all the little girls could get a better view.

These are also a new design and there will be more to come on them later.

I had a great time and will hopefully be returning next year. If anyone knows of any art shows that might be going on in the future in the southeast, please let me know.


  1. love the display stand...makes a difference doesn't it. Very inviting booth you have.