Sunday, October 10, 2010

All I want for Christmas

This is my list of Christmas wants. Of course, I dont expect to get all of them (dont be silly....unless you want to). But using this list you cannot go wrong when buying for ME. :)

Note: I've made this list for someone in particular who buys for me and in no particular order.

Kimono style ankle length robe from Plum Pretty Sugar. So pretty!!!!! I want this exact one, I love this color. $64

This is the lenox chirp china set from Belk home. BEEN wanting this for awhile. Price would depend on how many settings were bought.

Glass Briolette wire wrapped earrings in iridescent pink. Swoon! These are from Sterling Roses Design and are priced at $16.

Butterfly art print on dictionary paper from Little Blue Bird Studio only $10.

I want it! I want it! I want it! Hammered Copper Crescent necklace from Yab Yummi Creations.
It's $35.

I've been gaga over this shop for awhile. This is an owl family tree print again on the pretty paper. This one's from Carambatack and only $20.

If I had to put which gift I wanted the most, this one would be numero uno. AND its my birthstone. The Miner's Muse necklace (sighs). It's from Noble Gnome and only $28.

Poppy ring from Silent Goddess. Gorgeous and $48.

Finally, Bird on a Branch Messenger Bag. I can SO see me carrying this. Its from 11m2 and priced at $89.

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