Monday, September 6, 2010

Front Porch Thoughts

I have painted my white country rocking chairs black. I know, black rocking chairs right, but last year we painted the house from blue to a very light cream so the white just no longer looked good, plus they were much to hard to keep clean. Our porch is covered, but they still had mildew stains that refused to come off. So I painted them black (pictures to come later).
They now match the black wrought iron on the porch steps and they'll stand out against the lightness of the house.

I also have a wooden swing on both sides of the porch that has never been decorated. I thought since I spruced up the rockers I could spruce up everything else, especially when the weather has cooled just enough to make sitting out there very pleasant.
So the goal is:

a cushion for each rocker
a bench cushion for the bottom of the swings
2-3 throw pillows for both

I scanned Etsy, of course, but I didnt really find anything I wanted, plus I wanted to try my hand at the bench cushions.
I know that I want burlap cushions in the rockers and one of the cushions I think I'll applique a 'WELCOME'. I thought about putting our house number on one of the cushions. I really like that, but I might just put a bird applique or something. Here are a few I like on Etsy and they will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

Here is a Welcome Pillow from Home Spun Style. Cute shop by the way.

And, this is a house number pillow (this one also has your last name). It is from Blingo and there are lots of goodies in there.

I like some of these prints from the Meadowsweet 2 collection by Sandi Henderson. Are they 'fall' enough?

Anyway, Happy Labor Day everyone!

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