Thursday, September 9, 2010

4th Book down...

Last night I finished reading 'Radiant Shadows' by Melissa Marr. The 4th book in the Wicked Lovely series. I will start off by saying it was NO Wicked Lovely.
However, I did like it. I like Ani. I really like Devlin. BUT this book was so confusing (that or I am not so bright), so we are going to say it is confusing.
Ani, is part faerie, part mortal, and she is a hound, her father is Gabriel and she is a member of the dark court. The most confusing part about this is her blood thing. She has some special blood and she needs to feed off emotions and touches. So she runs around the whole book wanting 'touching'. When she does both to a person at the same time she can drain the life out of them.
Devlin, is a high court faerie and the High Queen's brother/son sort. He is both Order and Discord. He is the queen's assassin or my favorite term for him is the Queen's Bloodied Hands. he is also brother to the High Queen's sister War. Which causes all kinds of internal conflicts inside of him.
So he is protecting Ani, from the both his sisters. he was sent to kill her when she was only a pup and failed to do so because HE JUST COULDNT. So, now he is all falling in love with her and stuff.
The High Queen has set Faerie in all sorts of unbalance and it is falling apart because Seth is now her son and then yada, yada, yada.
Ok, here are my problems:
Irial gets stabbed, but he isnt dead by the end of the book (you are killing me Miss Marr) does he live or die. I dont like not knowing. Also, what is the deal with Niall and Irial. I know they have this love hate friendship going on and I THOUGHT they were both in love with Leslie, but there were a few hints that they might be more than friends. So..... again I am left hanging.
RAE. This is my number one problem. We meet Rae in the very beginning, but we dont know who she is, only that Devlin takes care of her and apparently is very important to him. She is a ghost, but not dead. She comes from nowhere. She is some sort of dreamweaver. At the end of the book, she steps inside Ani's body and kisses Devlin and he is all happy because he has them both and.......WHO is she? WHY dont I know more about her by the end? Does he love her the same way he loves Ani?
Third problem...apparently Devlin was also ordered to kill Jillian, Ani's mother, but again he doesnt do it. He says he has hidden her away in Faerie, but again by the end I am not told anything. The whole thing just gets dropped. Is Jillian and Rae the same and they dont know it? I was thinking that might be it, but Rae started out in the 1800's, so the timeline is kinda messed up, but Devlin did say that Gabriel didnt even know who his daughter, Ani, was. That Jillian wasnt just a mortal or something of the like. So, that just leaves me to thinking that Rae and Jillian could be the same person. Also, if Jillian is more than mortal than it makes sense that Ani was different from Rabbitt and Tish.
Anyway, stupid me started this series too early and now I have to wait for the 5th and final book to come out, which I think I read somewhere it comes out this spring. All my questions will have to wait too many months to count. GROAN.
What I want to happen:
Sorcha to die (dont ask why, I just dont like her) and Seth to become King of Faerie and get with Rae. Keenan to be with Ash and both of them happy and in love. Irial to be with Leslie. I like Devlin and Ani, they can stay the way they are. Donia to disapear along with Bananach/War.
What I think will happen:
Donia is going to torture Keenan and then they are going to get back together. Ash is going to be with Seth (yuck). Irial is going to die. Niall will be with Leslie. And I dont really care about War or Order sisters.
I am impatiently waiting as of NOW.

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