Monday, August 16, 2010

What I've been Reading

First off let me say that I am on some weird teenaged/YA book phase. I dont know why or where it came from. I've done the romance thing, I've done the biography thing, the classic thing.... (shrugs)

These are the books I've read while on vacation the past couple of weeks:
Okay...I am ashamed to say that YES I did read the book, but I'm even more ashamed to say that I kinda, sorta, maybe liked it. HEY people once you commit to a series you MUST see it through. I am SO tired of vampires now I could scream, but hey isn't Bree the same girl that plays Pearl's daughter (forgot her name) in the Vampire Diaries (I might have a problem, might).
ANYWAY, HELLO, did Bree really not see that Diego was a dead man when he didnt come back with Riley. It was SO obvious.
I give it 5 hearts.
I was a little apprehensive about starting a-yet-nother YA/teenaged novel series about dark scary things, but too late I've done it and am yet hooked again (wow, I used the word 'yet' too many times). I really, really am digging the fairy thing, people.
I, once again, HATE the lead girl, sorry Ash, but you are whiny. I am not getting the whole 'I want Donia, but I'd rather have Ash, but she doesnt want me so I am in love with Donia' thing from Keenan, but I like him a whole lot better than I do Seth. Sory Seth, but Keenan's a fairy and a Summer King he has you beat. :)
Did not like the ending, but I read it in a day because I have now become an addict for yet another fantasy world.
I give it 7 hearts.
Hello, Dark Court....this one isnt following Ash at all, but her friend Leslie who is way too excited about this really wicked tattoo she wants. WHO gets that excited about a tattoo? It will NOT change your life Leslie no matter how many times you say that it will. Or maybe it does change her life and she becomes a 'mortal pet' to the wicked Dark King. Hey Leslie, WHO lets strange creepy men stroke your forearm when you are their waitress. Most girls would have hit him. WEIRD.
I once again, did not like the ending. Why can't anyone just be happy?
I give it 6 hearts.
Now I HATE Ash even more. This whole 'I love Seth, but I want and am meant for Keenan' thing is getting on my nerves. Ash lusting for Seth is the whole book, oh except for the part where Seth runs off for 6 months, but it's really only 1 month in Faerie World time.
Yes, then she starts 'dating' Keenan, and he stops seeing Donia just when he gets her talked into seeing him again, but now thats over and its all ASH, ASH, ASH, and then Seth comes back and he is now a faerie too, YES, that happened. Then, Ash is mad at Keenan for not telling her, and Donia is mad at him, and Seth is training with the hounds. WHOA!
5 hearts for this one.

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