Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vacation Pics Part 4

Arlington Cemetary

Now Arlington House, but it was once the home of Robert E. Lee before it and all of the cemetary that was once his plantation was taken by the Union. (we were too tired to go in and look around)

The grave of President Kennedy. The view from here was amazing. Why, I decided not to capture it with my camera I shall never know, but this was on a hill and you could see all the monuments all in a row all the way to the Capital.

On the very last leg of our trip, we went by Virginia Beach to see this lighthouse at Fort Story. Some of us were too tired to climb the lighthouse and see the wonderful views and some of us were very disappointed.
All in all, it was a good trip. I'm glad we went as there were some things that I had always wanted to see. I wish we had went in the spring or when it was cooler. It was just so hot that it left for very whining kids and it was a little boring too them I must admit. They loved riding the subway (which I despised to no end), but all the walking and heat made us all suffer. Getting too and from were alot more high paced than what we are used to at home. Traffic, busy people, crowds everywhere, it was the busiest vacation ever.
I must say that when we reached home and the traffic was light and there was no honking horns and nobody to knock you down trying to catch the tram, I was much more appreciative of where I live, slow paces and wide open spaces. :)
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