Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pictures from happy customer

Celine sent me this picture. My quilt is the one with all the poppies. That's actually the back of the quilt, but I think it looks nice on the clothes line. I like it so much that maybe I should get a clothesline and start taking pictures of my quilts there instead of my swing.
Anyway...now I can say "hey, that's my quilt in Switzerland."
Oh, I've decided that if anyone sends me a picture of my quilts in action..a.k.a with their baby on it, or professional photos of it or just much better than my own amateur photos, I will give them $5 off there next order from me. The only catch I will throw in is I have to actually use the picture and by you sending me the picture you are giving me permission to use it in my shop and on my blog. Oh, and only one photo per item. Make sense?

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