Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I did it!

Yesterday I was featured in the 'Etsy Finds' email and The Storque!
called Lucky in Love.
I get the email everyday and I always scroll through it looking at all the finds that always have something in common with each other. I have had a shop on Etsy almost two years and have never been featured. So....when I scrolled through yesterday (oh, and the theme was cowboy weddings) first I found a pair of cowboy boots that I thought I would die for. I clicked on it to read the description and sure enough they had sold, which is always the case when I get the email. So then, I moved on from the cowboy boots and then I saw my cowboy quilt. My mind went a little blank and I thought 'hey, thats my quilt' and then that sunk in a little more and then I screamed "HEY, THATS MY QUILT!"
Needless to say I was uber-super excited and after much squealing and jumping up and down I went straight to Craftopolis and sat there all day watching the views pour in.
Yay ME!

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