Monday, August 23, 2010

Becoming a Rag Quilt

I'm ashamed to say that I havent got much work done this weekend. Grumpy had an all day volleyball tournament took all day (groan). I did manage to squeeze this little rag quilt for baby out.

the before pic:

This is a stack of sandwiched squares. My pretty fabric on top, old fashion batting in the middle, and a solid cotton on bottom (in this case pink). I've already sewn them to make the sandwiches and now all that is left is to sew them together and make the quilt.
the after pic:
Pretty, ya think? Well I like it. I like the pink, green, and brown combination too. If you loves it a whole bunch you can buy it here.'s almost September and that means Christmas shopping is just around the corner (no, not me, I dont start until after Thanksgiving) but alot of people do so...I MUST STOP BLOGGING and stock up so I can be prepared.

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