Monday, August 30, 2010

Two New Treasuries

Today I was featured in two new treasuries.

This one is called Nesting. You cant go wrong with birds and babies. That's one of my new baby rag quilts in the top left hand corner.

Thanks to Nesting Sticks for the feature.

Here is another one called Recycled, Repurposed, Upcycled. My memory patchwork pillow is on the bottom right hand corner.
Thanks to Vintage Paper Pusher for featuring me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A treasury feature

What a cute country little treasury! It's called Southern Exposure. That's my potato tote in the top right hand corner.

Thanks to Layla Lou Studio for featuring me. By the way her shop is a cute little shop full of pretty paper things. I could so see her cute origami butterflies and my baby quilts decorating a nursery side by side. :)

Wow, lots of links in this post.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pictures from happy customer

Celine sent me this picture. My quilt is the one with all the poppies. That's actually the back of the quilt, but I think it looks nice on the clothes line. I like it so much that maybe I should get a clothesline and start taking pictures of my quilts there instead of my swing. I can say "hey, that's my quilt in Switzerland."
Oh, I've decided that if anyone sends me a picture of my quilts in action..a.k.a with their baby on it, or professional photos of it or just much better than my own amateur photos, I will give them $5 off there next order from me. The only catch I will throw in is I have to actually use the picture and by you sending me the picture you are giving me permission to use it in my shop and on my blog. Oh, and only one photo per item. Make sense?

I did it!

Yesterday I was featured in the 'Etsy Finds' email and The Storque!
called Lucky in Love.
I get the email everyday and I always scroll through it looking at all the finds that always have something in common with each other. I have had a shop on Etsy almost two years and have never been featured. So....when I scrolled through yesterday (oh, and the theme was cowboy weddings) first I found a pair of cowboy boots that I thought I would die for. I clicked on it to read the description and sure enough they had sold, which is always the case when I get the email. So then, I moved on from the cowboy boots and then I saw my cowboy quilt. My mind went a little blank and I thought 'hey, thats my quilt' and then that sunk in a little more and then I screamed "HEY, THATS MY QUILT!"
Needless to say I was uber-super excited and after much squealing and jumping up and down I went straight to Craftopolis and sat there all day watching the views pour in.
Yay ME!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Becoming a Rag Quilt

I'm ashamed to say that I havent got much work done this weekend. Grumpy had an all day volleyball tournament took all day (groan). I did manage to squeeze this little rag quilt for baby out.

the before pic:

This is a stack of sandwiched squares. My pretty fabric on top, old fashion batting in the middle, and a solid cotton on bottom (in this case pink). I've already sewn them to make the sandwiches and now all that is left is to sew them together and make the quilt.
the after pic:
Pretty, ya think? Well I like it. I like the pink, green, and brown combination too. If you loves it a whole bunch you can buy it here.'s almost September and that means Christmas shopping is just around the corner (no, not me, I dont start until after Thanksgiving) but alot of people do so...I MUST STOP BLOGGING and stock up so I can be prepared.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another treasury

This might be one of my favorite treasuries to be featured in because it has my name. Yep, its name is Southern Charm (just like me). AND to top it all off it has my favorite of all my quilts ever. That's the quilt in the bottom right hand corner.

Thanks to Phoenix Fire Studios for featuring me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This one is called 'Hey Heather Bailey...We love you'. Isnt that SO very true? There is not a Heather Bailey fabric out there that I dont drool over. That's my pillow shams in the bottom right hand corner.
Thanks to Insomniations for the feature.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Randomly Taken Pics

I'm trying new things with my camera while trying to get better with the taking of the pictures. Just some random close ups...

Monday, August 16, 2010

What I've been Reading

First off let me say that I am on some weird teenaged/YA book phase. I dont know why or where it came from. I've done the romance thing, I've done the biography thing, the classic thing.... (shrugs)

These are the books I've read while on vacation the past couple of weeks:
Okay...I am ashamed to say that YES I did read the book, but I'm even more ashamed to say that I kinda, sorta, maybe liked it. HEY people once you commit to a series you MUST see it through. I am SO tired of vampires now I could scream, but hey isn't Bree the same girl that plays Pearl's daughter (forgot her name) in the Vampire Diaries (I might have a problem, might).
ANYWAY, HELLO, did Bree really not see that Diego was a dead man when he didnt come back with Riley. It was SO obvious.
I give it 5 hearts.
I was a little apprehensive about starting a-yet-nother YA/teenaged novel series about dark scary things, but too late I've done it and am yet hooked again (wow, I used the word 'yet' too many times). I really, really am digging the fairy thing, people.
I, once again, HATE the lead girl, sorry Ash, but you are whiny. I am not getting the whole 'I want Donia, but I'd rather have Ash, but she doesnt want me so I am in love with Donia' thing from Keenan, but I like him a whole lot better than I do Seth. Sory Seth, but Keenan's a fairy and a Summer King he has you beat. :)
Did not like the ending, but I read it in a day because I have now become an addict for yet another fantasy world.
I give it 7 hearts.
Hello, Dark Court....this one isnt following Ash at all, but her friend Leslie who is way too excited about this really wicked tattoo she wants. WHO gets that excited about a tattoo? It will NOT change your life Leslie no matter how many times you say that it will. Or maybe it does change her life and she becomes a 'mortal pet' to the wicked Dark King. Hey Leslie, WHO lets strange creepy men stroke your forearm when you are their waitress. Most girls would have hit him. WEIRD.
I once again, did not like the ending. Why can't anyone just be happy?
I give it 6 hearts.
Now I HATE Ash even more. This whole 'I love Seth, but I want and am meant for Keenan' thing is getting on my nerves. Ash lusting for Seth is the whole book, oh except for the part where Seth runs off for 6 months, but it's really only 1 month in Faerie World time.
Yes, then she starts 'dating' Keenan, and he stops seeing Donia just when he gets her talked into seeing him again, but now thats over and its all ASH, ASH, ASH, and then Seth comes back and he is now a faerie too, YES, that happened. Then, Ash is mad at Keenan for not telling her, and Donia is mad at him, and Seth is training with the hounds. WHOA!
5 hearts for this one.

I Spy Faerie

I've started reading the 'Wicked Lovely' book series (my thoughts on the first three books are to come later today). I've gathered a few items that remind me of a world of faeries.

Mossy floral fascinator from Which Goose. This looks like something the Summer Queen would wear.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vacation Pics Part 4

Arlington Cemetary

Now Arlington House, but it was once the home of Robert E. Lee before it and all of the cemetary that was once his plantation was taken by the Union. (we were too tired to go in and look around)

The grave of President Kennedy. The view from here was amazing. Why, I decided not to capture it with my camera I shall never know, but this was on a hill and you could see all the monuments all in a row all the way to the Capital.

On the very last leg of our trip, we went by Virginia Beach to see this lighthouse at Fort Story. Some of us were too tired to climb the lighthouse and see the wonderful views and some of us were very disappointed.
All in all, it was a good trip. I'm glad we went as there were some things that I had always wanted to see. I wish we had went in the spring or when it was cooler. It was just so hot that it left for very whining kids and it was a little boring too them I must admit. They loved riding the subway (which I despised to no end), but all the walking and heat made us all suffer. Getting too and from were alot more high paced than what we are used to at home. Traffic, busy people, crowds everywhere, it was the busiest vacation ever.
I must say that when we reached home and the traffic was light and there was no honking horns and nobody to knock you down trying to catch the tram, I was much more appreciative of where I live, slow paces and wide open spaces. :)
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation Pics Part 3

The majority of our trip was spent in Washington D.C.

Vietnam Memorial

Washington Monument and the Pool of Reflection taken from the Lincoln Memorial

Hello, Mr. Lincoln.

This was as close to the White House as we got. I had to zoom this in, we are actually very far away and just happened to see it on the way to the Lincoln Memorial.

The Smithsonian.

The Supreme Court.

Helen Keller representing the great state of Alabama in the Capital building. There are two statues representing every state in the Capital. We never found the other statue.

The U. S Capital

The U.S Capital from the Washington Mall

The Washington Monument from the Mall.
We were very excited about going to D.C, but it was 1000 degrees hot and it was the most walking I think I might have ever done in all of eternity. I had blisters on my ankles and the soles of my feet, some were even bleeding. So...picture me hobbling every where (literally) we went which only added to the tiredness of my legs.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacation Pics Part 2

After we left Jamestown and Williamsburg, we went by Mount Vernon. They would'nt let us take pictures of the inside. :(

George Washington's plantation sat on 1100 acres (going by memory). I was expecting so many people to be here, but it was very crowded.

The Potomac River as a backyard view....not bad huh? I'm picturing him in that famous painting, standing up and crossing the Potomac in the cover of night readying himself for a surprise attack.
Rear view. There were about 15 green rocking chairs on the back just to watch the view. Very nice.

The trees on this property were gorgeous. Some were absolutely huge around and were said to have been there when he lived on Mount Vernon. I made a point to touch all the largest trees just in case George Washington had done the same.
I really enjoyed Mount Vernon!
The final pictures are still to come.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation Pics Part 1

The first part of the trip we were in Jamestown. I had lived nearby when I was very young and had very vivid memories of going there. I wanted the kiddies to get to look.

indian huts nearby

a colonial woman out for a walk.

Chesapeake Bay? I think.

There are fewer stories that I love more than the story of Pocahontas.

More to come later....