Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Window Shopping

Oh, me, oh my. I found these while doing a little online window shopping. I put them on my ever growing wish list. I love jewelry like this with the wire wrapped at the top. I'm not into shiny things so this definately works for me. I found these at GlitzGlitter.

The entire shop is plum full of amazing jewelry.


  1. Mel..... Oh. My. Goodness.

    I found your blog via your profile pic on another blog's followers list.

    That profile pic is the most adorable, stunning, fabulous profile pic EVER! I gasped when I saw it.

    Can you tell I LOVE owls!! I have a real thing for owls.... have ever since I was a kid. I mention them throughout my blog posts often, and I have them sprinkled in various forms throughout my home.

    I love, love, love books too... and adore woodland things.

    That folk bag a few posts down that you made is absolutely divine. I'm off to check out your Etsy store. I have a sewing machine that I never use at my place.... I think it's about time I got it out and learned how to master it!!

    Have followed you, so will be back to visit.

    Linda. xox :)

  2. I love any earrings wrapped with wire like that! Gorgeous!

  3. Do not get me started on owls and how much I love them. I could go on and on and bore you to tears. I make my husband take me hiking at dusk just so I might spot one myself.

    The only time I've seen an owl in person was at a bird enclosure and then all I wanted to do was unlock the door and let them free.

    My husband goes hunting in the fall around a swamp and he sees screech owls all the time come flying just above his head. I may have to toughen up and go with him in hopes of seeing one myself. For now, I will just have to admire them in pictures.

    Thanks for the follow and the compliments!

  4. I agree, your avatar is adorable! Thank you so much for mentioning my earrings :D