Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I did today

  1. read several of my favorite blogs
  2. cut up a rag quilt
  3. washed and dried a rag quilt
  4. packaged a few orders
  5. quilted a small t-shirt quilt
  6. answered some emails
  7. had lunch with the W
  8. watched a fox cross the road
  9. went to Walmart for new sheet sets for the kids
  10. spent too much time online
  11. watched too many episodes of THE OFFICE in a row
  12. skipped dinner because of too big a lunch
  13. walked 2.6 miles on my eliptical machine
  14. watched a Batty the bat eat the moths under the outside light
  15. binded a quilt
  16. watched more episodes of THE OFFICE

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