Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh me, oh my

I found these gorgeous prints at Little Blue Bird Studio.

They are printed on old dictionary paper. How unique is that? these would look great in a dark frame on the wall. I am putting them on my wish list of things I want. Oh, and the best part they are only $8 a picture.


  1. Aaarrggh, sharp intake of breath here..... Mel, you keep finding things I have to put on my 'to buy' list! Phew.

    Linda. xox

  2. I love these prints - I just saw them myself the other day, too! I especially love that they are printed on old dictionary pages.. a lovely reuse of an old dictionary!

  3. I know, I know, my wish list is at its breaking point now.

    Kristen- I agree, I love it when the artist draws on any old book page.

  4. My to buy list is already so long!!! Anyways, just keep adding :)

    I'm your newest follower, found you on the Etsy forums. Please stop by my blog