Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I spy Pottery

It's high time I updated my kitchenware, and I found some great pottery shops on Etsy (must be handmade). Take a look at my finds and why I like them.

I use a colander almost every day while making dinner, but mine is not as pretty as this colander. This comes from Bailey Bowls. I like the simplicity in her work and I like how in the mini bowls she does everything by hand and you get this very natural look to it. Loving this owl alot.

Yummy! Pie sounds good right now and this pie plate is gorgeous. Ya'll know how I feel about birds. This one comes from 3 Bold Johnny Ceramics. I like this shop because she puts cutsie nature scenes on her wares. I'm putting this one on the wish list.

I love nesting bowls! They look so pretty in the cabinet, they dont take up much space and their functional too. These come from Karin Lorenc. Check out these soup mugs. All of her items are things that you use almost everyday.

This cake stand is from Vessels and Wares (one of my favorite shops). I like that she puts the extra touches on her wares, like the wavy edges and the lace work. It is very unique and not something that you can find just anywhere. Plus, they all come in such pretty colors. Check out the hanging baskets too!

I make alot of salads and this salad and serving bowl set would be fantastic. It comes from Blue Sky Pottery where everything is a beautiful shade of blue. I love how she shows a picture of herself making the pottery in each of her items.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you, Mel. I love all your choices and appreciate that you found my shop among all the great ceramic artists on Etsy. I'm in wonderful company here! - Deb aka Blue Sky Pottery

  2. I'm honored to have made your list and I must say, you have great taste ;), love all of the pots here. Thank you for the shout out!
    Becky, 3 Bolt Johnny