Monday, June 28, 2010

I spy handbound notebooks

I am out of pages in my cheap little $1 notebook that I use to draw all my designs and patterns in. I was searching to see if I could buy one on Etsy and low and behold......there were so many lovely notebooks it is so hard to choose. I thought I'd do a post on my top picks since my eyes were seeing nothing but candy.

This baby has some kind of dark romance thing going on for me. And, I like it. It is from Baghy. Its got a leather cover and I like how square and fat it is. Also, the pages look as if they have been torn on the edges, giving it a very parchment paper look. Me, likey.

Okay...I am a little partial to stuff with birds on it. I apologize. This notebook is calling my name, though. "Buy me," it squeaks. Do you hear it?

This little lovely is from Blue Toad. All of their notebooks are little works of art. I LOVE it!

I love the spine of these babies. While browsing, it caught my eye because of their spine. These are from Space Dog Studios. They are filled with all different color papers. Very rainbow like.

This one is from Subu. And, of course if there is a notebook with an owl on it out there you know I am going to find it right?

I like this shop alot. All the notebooks in this shop are from recycled materials. And in the inside some of the papers have random pictures or text on them. Just a little something special for you. Oh...and here is the blog.

So I plan on buying one probably Friday. I LOVE all of them, but I can only buy one (a girl has to budget). I am going to transfer all my patterns and designs from my cheapy notebook to the new one, so it needs to be able to hold alot.

I would love to hear which one you think I should choose. Also, there is some very talented people out there in the world of Etsy, I must say. I will let you know which one I chose as soon as I buy and receive.

xo, melanie


  1. Ooh, an owl journal - BINGO!!

    I love that first one too, very darkly attractive as you said.

    I also really like the colourful ones with the unusual binding in the spine.... I came across some others like that a few days ago on Etsy after doing a search for journals. I want to buy a really nice one for my best friend for Christmas, so I was getting in some early research!

    Linda. :)

  2. Those are all so, so cute! You have a very hard choice ahead of you. But, I am partial to anything with a bluebird/blue bird on it, so I would have to go with that one! (wonder why! LOL!!!)



  3. Hello there - thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Crazy - I just started making notebooks for my etsy shop, and I actually have an owl one on my work table!

    Etsy and budgets don't work out for me!!

  4. Thanks for including my little fellow in this awesome list! Even though I am a bookbinder, I am still often falling in love with different journals from Etsy... Hard choice indeed! They are all wonderful and I like the way you described them!

  5. I absolutely love Sarah's journals! Space Dog Studio's is the best! :)