Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etsy for Newbies

I have a hard time staring at Google Analytics (maybe my brain isn't compatable with graphs), but I dont like it. I do, however, understand why I need it and what it can do for me. Another way I can use it is called Craftopolis. First, you need to type in your etsy shop name, and then there is a little block to the right where you will log in your google analytics info. Then, you will get to see a screen that looks similar to this.

On Craftopolis, as you can see from my screen capture, I get to see a calender on the left. The purple silouhette is how many different people came to look at my shop, the white little page beneath it is how many pages were viewed in my shop, and the red heart is how many people hearted my shop.

If I can click on a particular day in the calender, on the left side it will pull up which items have been viewed so far on that day in order of which one has been viewed more. I see a pictured of the item, how many times it was viewed, and if someone has hearted that particular item there will be a red heart beside with a number inside.

This info helps me decide which items I should relist more often without having to go through my etsy shop and click on each and every item and see how many hearts it has.

Craftopolis has several other great features on it that I will cover at a later date. Feel free to contact me with questions if I've left out something.

Oh, and dont forget about the giveaway this Sunday. I dont have many entries as of yet.

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