Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's Battles

We had a mini war at the house today.

The kids came home and they were fussing at each other and the next thing I know, I am prying Happy off of Grumpy, all the while getting kicked and punched.

School is over as of this Friday for summer, really?

Do your children get along and if so, how are you making that happen?


  1. I never met a child that got along with their siblings 100% of the time. Think they are like adults in that they have bad days, they get grouchy, tired, angry...only they haven't yet learned how to control those emotions. If they're young enough maybe a nice nap would help? Or maybe a quite time at opposite ends of the table with a glass of cold milk and a cookie ?

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  2. thanks for the tip, they are way too old to be acting this way.