Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fresh, modern dining room chairs

So, today, I reupholstered the dining room chairs. You remember the day we got these.
They are really old fashion looking, and I like that, but I love fresh and modern fabrics as you can tell from my shop. I ordered Joel Dewberry's new Modern Meadow line. I'm going for a cottage look and I thought these would look great for the dining room.
My mother has told me that she does not like the fabrics I have chosen. You can see the fabric I chose for the curtains here and the rest of the line of fabrics. I have french doors in the dining room with little curtains on them. I have yet to make the curtains. I will definately post it when I do.
Wait.....I got off subject...oh, yeah, Mom says these fabrics are horrible, but I really really like it. So, tell me what you think and be honest. My skin is thick...okay, that is a big whopper, everything makes me cry.
Me and the W were at Belk home, looking at china for the gazillionth time and I found the most perfect china (he has not bought it for me yet). I could not love it more. See it here! Is it not perfect for these fabrics I picked out? And it has little birds on it and you know how I feel about birds. See here. I am sure it is a passing phase, like most things are with me, but I have bought a helluva (ooo, got you on that one, you didnt think it was really a word, did you?) lot of bird stuff lately.
WOW! I was not intending on rambling on like that for that long and with that many links. I think I've broke my own record with links.
Sorry folks, I just ate an entire pack of starbursts and I think the sugar has gotten to me.


  1. I like old fashioned things mixed with super modern looks- I think the chairs are great looking! They could definitely work with the china!

  2. thanks margo, you made me smile.

  3. I LOVE the fabric you chose! And I think the china is adorable. . . they will go nicely together :]

  4. Hi! I love the Modern Meadow fabrics. I'm having all the crib bedding, changing pad covers and nursing pillow covers made for my baby girl's nursery. I have a question for you-- how are the upholstered chairs holding up to wear? I'd like to have glider chair cushion covers made with Modern Meadow fabrics, but are they too thin for this use? I appreciate your feedback, thanks!