Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things the W has taught me...

Maybe, I am the only one who sometimes gets laughed at for the things they do not know. Maybe not.
The W likes to remind me of these things routinely.
It's not that I am ignorant (I made all A's in school), its just that sometimes, somethings, you just never realized it until it is pointed out to you or you are publically corrected (groan).
So, when you read this, do not think me stupid, think me uninformed.
I thank the W for his wisdom (picture my finger in my mouth and gagging).
Things I didnt know:
  1. prairie dogs are actual animals, not wild dogs sticking their heads up in the prairie
  2. when your neck hurts, you dont have a creek in the neck, you have a crick in the neck
  3. Czech Republic is pronounced 'check' not the way it is spelled
  4. you ask for a sip of a drink, not a sup of one

Are you getting a feel of what all our arguments entail?

You have to be able to laugh at yourself, folks.

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