Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Squabbles with the W

Me and the W have random squabbles on a daily basis. These are not fights, but simply disagreements over the most random and irrelevent things. This week we are arguing over the original Mario Bros. game. He says it had power wings, I say it did not (we have not settled this squabble as of yet).

Last week the W went and helped one of his buddies move a bedroom suit from one house to the other. It turned out to be an estate sale where they picked it up from.

Note: I am not a yard sale or estate sale person. Its not that I dont love old stuff, I do, but I just dont ever go to them.

The following conversation took place via cell phone after the pickup of the bedroom suit.

W: Hey baby, guess what?
YT: What?
W: I bought us a china cabinet and it was only $400
YT: You bought a china cabinet without me?! You spent $400 without me?!
W: This was a great deal. It's solid wood. You would spend several thousands on one at a furniture store.
YT: China cabinets are for old people and I dont have any china and it will make our dining room look junky. I cant believe you spent $400 on something I dont want. A new couch, not thats what I would have wanted.
W: Uh, I thought you would be happy. I thought I had done good. She even through in the table and chairs for free.
YT: You spent all that money on somebody else's junk. I love the table I have.

At this point he hung up on me because my voice was louder than usual and his buddy was in the seat beside him.

I would have preferred a buffet over a china cabinet and I stand by my idea that they are for the older people in the world. This is the dining room I would want, and my personal taste.

Later on the W sulked and went to call the lady back and tell her that we were not going to get the cabinet, but I stopped him and said that I would take it (hey, something new is something new and I like getting and taking the something news that come my way). So the W was happy.

The next day we go get it. I of course do not like it, but am willing to take it anyway. It was good pecan wood and in great shape. The table was hideous, but the chairs that went with it I fell in love with immediately. They needed to be reupholstered, but I have great ideas for that. One of the chairs were missing, which led to the W being disgruntled. I found a foo foo chair in the home that was a must have. I call it that because thats what it is, a foo foo chair. The lady said we could have the chair for only $40 because of the missing dining room chair. Alas, I was now ecstatic. The chair was a keeper.

So, me and the W, and let me add here that I am the weakest link of any movers in the history of mankind lugged the china cabinet, table, 5 chairs, and the foo foo chair all on the back of his truck and hauled down the road as if we were the beverly hillbillies (it was really piled that high). All the while the W hums the tune of Sanford and Son.

We set the china cabinet up. The W has a partial antique china set from his great great grandmother and its kinda pretty with orchids on it (my fave flower). I'm scratching my head looking at the cabinet in place (thinking how great it looks and how it just completes the room).

W: You like it, dont you?
YT: It's okay.
W: No, you really like it, dont you?
YT: (sighs) I really, really like it!
W: Say it
W: Say it now
YT: You were right
W: (smiles and looks at me smugly)

I kept our original table, but used the chairs we had just bought. Since one was missing, I kept two of our original chairs and put them on the ends. I know this is mix matching, but you always see lots of different chairs around tables in magazines. So I think it looks okay, kinda gives it that country shabby feel, which is what I like.

So you see folks, I can admit when I am wrong. The W would like me to add that he is usually right, and I am usually wrong (groan).

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