Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grumpy's Gripes

Grumpy: Mom, must you use the word 'reckon'? Its country, and you sound like an old hillbilly when you say it.

I probably use this word a hundred times a day. Do you want to get some lunch? I reckon so. Can we go to the movies today? I reckon.

To take this word away from me would throw my world off balance. However, my daughter Grumpy is much smarter than me and has proven it (I would never tell her that).

We live in a town where only 10,000 people live, but we are not country, by any means. So, is 'reckon' a country word? One must go to to know for sure.

The word 'reckon' had 7 different definitions. But, alas, my favorite one was the one where Grumpy was correct.

-verb (used without an object)
Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. to think or suppose.

You see that little part up there in italics before the definition? "Southern U.S" That's the part that makes Grumpy correct. Boo me.

I will continue using that word. I like it dad gummit......

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