Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is here!

Hooray! Spring is here!
Over night my weeping cherry blossom tree sprouted all these beautiful white buds. Gorgeous huh? Sadly, it's twin on the opposite side of our front stairway, did not survive the winter. It will now be taken down and another put in its place.
It's a beautiful 70 degrees down here in the land of cotton and I am feeling spring time and the river across our street is calling my name. "[my name here]" it says. I have taken the top off of Sasha the Jeep and the wind blows through my hair as I drive. Unfortunately, that drive took me to my day job.
Grumpy is here with me today at work and (you guessed it) she's grumpy, though I must say it is not too bad. She must be feeling the spring weather too!

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