Thursday, December 30, 2010


I bought this ring because I was having a similar necklace and earring set custom made for me with the black pearl, and I found it by accident. It cost almost nothing, so I went ahead and bought it not expecting much. It came in yesterday and it is SO pretty, much prettier than the picture looks. I absolutely LOVE it.

I purchased it from MLW Designs in case anyone's interested.

Monday, December 27, 2010

fresh fabrics!!

Soul Blossoms in joy by Amy Butler
Soul Blossoms in passion by Amy Butler

Soul Blossoms in bliss by Amy Butler

Impressions in spice by Ty Pennington

Impressions in expresso by Ty Pennington

Sunday, December 26, 2010

i SPY icicles

We've had alot of firsts lately. Our first white Christmas and then we found our first icicles ever. Can you tell it doesnt get very cold here. These are on one of our trees near the house. They werent very long a piece, but together they spanned the whole height of the tree.

I found some ICICLE jewelry that I liked as well. Take a look....

From Polestar

A White Christmas

Almost twenty+ten years old and this was my very first white Christmas. These are pics from our yard.

We can't have folks sitting in the wrong seat, can we?

Homemade apple pie.....yum, but so not worth the trouble.......I'll think I will just stick with store bought pie crusts from here on. :) I was trying to be homemade.

The feast that took nine hours to prepare all by myself, and lasted a little over twenty minutes. The kids were happy though, so it was worth it.
I hope your Christmas was just as merry!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The trim is done!

Finally, the trim is done and I've moved most of everything in. The paint on the trim is called 'Ultra White' by Valspar. It took two coats to cover the wood trim. I still dont have the shelves put up and there's still alot of things on the floor, but we're almost there.

My old studio did not have windows, and the new one does. I'm going to have to make some curtains for them.

I apologize for the pictures. My camera just keeps getting worse and worse, especially on indoor pictures. I'm tired of buying cameras every year.

More pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last night or very early this morning, I set the alarm to wake up at about 12:20am to go out and view the lunar eclipse. Oh, so very excited.....having never seen one before.

I bundled up and walked out the door, camera in hand. I couldnt even find the moon as the sky was completed covered in clouds blocking out any hope of me seeing the eclipse.

I had went outside that night about 10 pm (just to check) and the moon was full and high in the sky and completely clear to me. I think that about sums up my luck.

So..........last September I forgot to post my picture of the harvest moon. Not the best picture, but you can see Jupiter just below it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

War Damn Eagle!

Just showing off my new Auburn Quilt. They are made to order and you can buy them here and snuggle with it during the national championship. WAR EAGLE!
yes.....I have them in Alabama colors too. Blah........

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I am number four

So....I finished reading this book last night. I'm trying to remember a sci-fi book that I've read to compare it to, but nothing comes to mind. I'm thinking that it might be my very first sci-fi.

I did like the book, well, I like the story. It's all very, very, 'I must read this', or that's how I felt when I heard about it and then read the inside cover, but I do have some issues with it.

It's about this fifteen year old boy who has been on earth for about a decade after his planet, Lorien, was destroyed by the Mogadoriens, an evil and mean race that have already depleted their own planet. Only nine children and their keepers or guardians who are called Cepans escape and settle on Earth. They have a charm on them that they can only be killed by the Mogadoriens in a particular order. They also can't stay together or the charm is null, so they have separated and living all over our world, each with their own guardian.

It's never explained why the Mogadoriens are after nine children. They are here learning about our planet for the eventual takeover of Earth, but why are they still after the Loriens is beyond me. So you took over a planet and sucked it dry and a few survivors managed to escape, why chase them down? but that's what is happening.

John, aka Four, moves almost every six months or so to stay hidden from the Mogadoriens, then he ends up in Paradise and for the first time in his life makes a friend and has a girlfriend, he also makes an enemy with the local bully. Lots of stuff go down and he starts getting his powers that every Garde Lorien eventually get. He can't seem to keep these powers hidden and then more stuff go down, yada-yada-yada.

Finally, the Mogadoriens have him surrounded at the high school and girlfriend, Sarah, is with him there. He almost dies at least four times, and death is imminent, and then he finds away out of it or somebody saves him. Henri dies, his dog was actually an animal from Lorien and a shape shifter, and he runs away, says goodbye to his girlfriend and the bully and leaves with Number Six and his best friend Sam. End of book.

I LOVE reading books that are apart of a series or even very very long books that I can drown in, but these....books....must.....have.....proper.....endings.....or I become an angry version of myself. COME ON! give me an ending! Dont stop in the middle of a story because another book is coming. Each book should have it's own plot and ending. Yes, there can be a greater plot to which to tie all the books together, but give me my ending per book. I'm going to buy the other books anyway so why torture me this way?

My Questions:
Four runs away with Six and his best friend Sam. Sam is fifteen years old. How can he run away with them?

Four saves Mark's (the bully) dogs from a fire and then Mark comes to his house before the Mogadoriens show up. After Four goes to the school to find Sarah, Henri shows up with Mark in tow. Why would you bring Mark to the school where there is danger? Yes, he realized that they were aliens or something, but still, you know the bad guys are there.

If Henri knew that one of Four's legacies was the animal thing, why not tell him about it. What was the point of this secret?

Why do we never find out about the other rocketship that took off the day Lorien was destroyed? ....I'm sure this will come later, but still.

Why are the Mogadoriens after them to begin with? They have no planet anymore, so what's the point. I've asked this already.

What is the deal with that charm? It seems it has as many pros as it does cons, whose side was this guy on?

Why was those magazine people sending Sam magazines? How coincidental and just strange. Hopefully, this will be explained.

I like it, I dont like, and I'm ready to read the next one. So just call me hooked.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


It took awhile, but I finally figured out what was making all that noise behind the washer and dryer. I had a mouse in mind, so this little guy surprised me.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

recent purchases

I bought these rings from Hot Pink Chick, a very popular shop on Etsy. I plan on giving the bottom two to my stepdaughters and I bought the top one for myself. Yes.....I always by myself stuff when shopping for others. :)
They are very very pretty, and I like them, but they arent the most comfortable ring to wear, but for $13 a piece I wont complain. They were packaged beautifully and came to me very quickly.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

new items in shop

These are my very first embroidery hoop art, and I really making them. I have them for purchase here. Plus, it gives me something else I can do with owls. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm getting all warm and snuggly......

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a new studio.....

I have outgrown my very small studio and am re-organizing the house to give me my own space.......a much bigger space. Yay!

I finished painting the walls. They went from eggshell (blah) to a pale green called 'Summer Frolic' by Valspar. I love that name! I still have to paint the trim because I hate it brown, and I want a nice pale space to work in before I can actually move into the room.

I could not have picked a worse time to begin on the project. I am working like a mad woman to get orders out on time and paint.

More pictures to follow as the room gets closer to completion.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lookie, lookie

I was in desperate need of some new footies for the cool weather. I found these at Jenster76. I bought several pairs last year as gifts and a few for myself from many different shops last year trying to get different looks with them, but the only ones that are still wearable are the ones I got from this shop last year. I bought some very cute mary janes that were not as thick and by the time I retired them they had huge holes in them, so needless to say, I think I will stick with Jenster. They just have a better quality to them.
I bought this TOO CUTE little lion from Tiddly Winks for my niece for Christmas and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! You can see the quality of craftmanship that went into it. I love the little ric rac on it's chest and its furry mane and tail. TOO CUTE! Oh, wait I've said that already :) oopsie. I cant wait to give it to her, she's 3 and I know she will love it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

fresh fabrics....

I've added some new fabric to my available fabric page. have a look see!

Sanctuary by Patty Young in warm.
Sanctuary by Patty Young in cool

Quite Contrary by Riley Blake in pink

Quite Contrary by Riley Blake in red

Quite Contrary by Riley Blake in green

Isabella by Lila Tueller in green

Isabella by Lila Tueller in brown

Isabella by Lila Tueller in blue

All Star 2 by Riley Blake in orange

All Star 2 by Riley Blake in green

All Star 2 by Riley Blake in blue

Parisville by Tula Pink in sprout

Parisville by Tula Pink in pomegranate

Parisville by Tula Pink in mist